I work with people who are fully committed to do whatever it takes to achieve the health and fitness results they want. I became a health and fitness coach, because health and fitness changed my life and I wanted to help others change theirs too. If you are ready to dominate your life, live healthier and take your health and fitness to a whole new level then you can Hire me as your In person Personal Trainer in Manchester or as your Online Personal Trainer.

Prior to getting active and living a healthy lifestyle, I was overweight, lacked confidence and suffered from a number of health conditions. Making the gym and a healthy lifestyle a priority, changed my life and allowed me to eventually become the healthy active person I wanted to be and it has allowed me to help others, everyday make profound changes to their lives. I opened my private Manchester city centre personal training gym in October 2014 and continue to ensure I grow as a trainer every year.

I have learnt through self
development, mentors and trial and error, to find out what works. I have helped a wide variety of people achieve their health and fitness goals over the last 12 years. My clients tend to be busy hard working individuals, who want to get in and stay in prime condition and feel at their best. They want to save time by training as effectively as possible and avoid injury by training safely with an experienced Health and Fitness Expert. I offer the highest level of professionalism and advice to my clients, often becoming their number one trusted advisor. I take my profession very seriously and only work with those who are ready to make changes.

If you’re ready to make changes and feel at your best, then I would love to hear from you. Apply for your consultation at my gym.