Below you will find my program options and fees for personal training in Manchester.


2 SESSIONS PER WEEK – £600 per month OR £1680 for 12 weeks

Harry’s average client is a busy business owner who doesn’t have a lot of spare time to fit exercise in. Harry understands that time is his clients most precious asset. If you decide to train 2 times per week with Harry you will train your full body twice a week in the most time efficient ways and get the best possible results you can from just 2 hours a week of training.

3 SESSIONS PER WEEK – £900 per month OR £2520 for 12 weeks.

Whilst in an ideal world Harry would see all clients 4 times per week, this is not always possible due to the time commitment needed by the client and not every clients lifestyle allows sufficient recovery from training 4 times per week. 3 sessions per week, Harry has found to be ideal for his average client. This allows clients to push themselves hard every time they train, to recover sufficiently and therefore is the program for Harry’s average client that yields the best results. If you have a busy lifestyle but want Maximum results in Minimum time this is most probaly the best program for you. The program involves training with Harry at his private gym in Manchester city centre.

4 SESSIONS PER WEEK – £1200 per month OR £3360 for 12 weeks.

If you want the absolute best possible results, 4 sessions a week is what Harry has found over more than a decade of training clients to work the best.
This program is designed for individuals who want a dramatic transformation. This program is not for the faint hearted and must be your top priority alongside your work and your family. This program is not for you if you have a really busy lifestyle which often forces you to not get enough sleep. Clients who follow this program will train with Harry at his private gym in Manchester city centre.

Bespoke tailored packages available

For those with an erratic lifestyle who still want the benefit of a dedicated personal training program, tailored packages can be arranged to fit your needs. Harry still expects total commitment and hard work but in return will devise an optimal weekly training regime that works towards your fitness goals. Contact Harry to discuss costs for this package.