Measurably elevate your health and wellbeing with just two to three, forty-five minute sessions per week.


2 sessions per a week doesn’t sound a lot, but most people have never actually really pushed themselves or followed an effective program. This is, in no shape or form comparable to average training sessions.

This is two bespoke, intense, focused sessions per week where you arrive fully recovered from the last and excited to hit the next.

This consistent routine once put in place allows continuous progression and is easily fit into just about any lifestyle.

You simply turn up twice a week to my gym, give your best efforts for 45 minutes, compliment this with some lifestyle and nutritional advise and over time elevate your health and well-being to heights you previously did not imagine.

£600 per month


This is for clients that want to aggressively push towards their health and well-being goals.

Most people are surprised to hear when I first meet them, that I do not believe most people benefit anymore from training more than 3 times per week. You see with most things in life, there is a point of diminishing returns, a point where more effort doesn’t necessarily mean more results.

I have found over the last 14 years training a wide variety of people, that most people struggle to recover properly from training more frequently than 3 times per week (especially when they have other commitments) without reducing intensity. Most clients I train, don’t have time to waste and so I prefer an approach that delivers maximum results in minimum time.

Simply turn up three times a week to my gym, give your best efforts for 45 minutes at a time, compliment this with some lifestyle and nutritional advise and quickly elevate your health and well-being.

£900 per month