You can achieve your dream body in less than 3 hours a week at the gym, here’s why you’re not!

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

You don’t have a goal that excites you

Imagine jumping out of bed or sacrificing most of your lunch break to go to the gym because you’re so excited, you can’t wait to do you’re next workout. Thats is what happens when your chasing a goal you truly want to achieve. If you’re going to the gym but don’t know exactly what you want and why, don’t expect much change. Set a goal that excites you and you’ll give your 100%.

You Train like a wimp

Most personal trainers are exercise addicts who train far too often and recover no where near enough, as a result do not achieve maximum results in minimum time nor can they understand what you must do to achieve maximum results in less than 3 hours a week, this causes a huge amount of conflicting information for busy professionals to try and read in the small amount of free time they have.

If you want to achieve maximum results in the gym and do it in less than 3 hours a week, you must give your body a reason to positively change and that requires a level of intensity that your body up until now has not experienced. You must progressively train harder but its essential that you also train smart to avoid injury. NOTE To train hard your body need sufficient food and sleep.

You don’t think about what your putting in your mouth

To achieve the results you want, you must be conscious of absolutely everything that you eat, that does not mean you must eat ridiculously boringly all the time and avoid all foods that you enjoy, it just means you must be fully conscious of everything that you put in your mouth to ensure your getting the fuel you need. Why because if you’re not assessing you’re guessing and without the right fuel you will struggle rather than race to the finish line. You must know exactly what you should be eating at least in terms of calories to achieve your goal, and you must stick to it EVERY DAY if you’re serious about results.

You think going to bed on time is for losers

Insufficient sleep is a guaranteed way to feel less motivated, less alert, to be less productive and to have more cravings for sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Leading to crap workouts, poor mental performance at work and overeating. If you want to be low on energy, overweight and one step closer to being fired carry on thinking sleep is for losers. NOTE Successful weight losers, sleep sufficiently.