When you should not be performing a standing shoulder press

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

I see this often and yes the military press and the clean and press are excellent movements but only if your body is ready for it.

An anterior tilt of the pelvis is a tilt of the pelvis where the rear of the pelvis is higher than the front of the pelvis.

This is very common for people that do a lot of sitting, wear high heels or excessively stretch their hamstrings.

The impact that this has, is it causes the lower back / lumber spine to take pressures / weights that should be taken by other muscles. This causes the lumber spine stress, which will most likely cause pain and possible fat retention.

So if you want to avoid getting lower back pain and making it harder for your self to lose weight don’t perform standing shoulder press until you have corrected you’re anterior tilt of the pelvis.

Many people believe that the answer for weight loss / fat loss is beasting you’re self in the gym. There is a time when this could be the case but for the majority this should be avoided.

You need to train the body in a way that it will respond well to, working with the body as opposed to working against it will always win.

So here is what you need to do

1. Correct the anterior tilt of the pelvis so that it is optimally aligned, by training you’re weak muscles and stretching your dominant muscles to turn down their efficiency.
2. Put these exercises into a superset routine so that you can focus on correcting you’re muscle imbalances as well as adding a cardiovascular component to help burn off excessive fat.
3. Once and only once the above has been done and you no longer have an anterior tilt of the pelvis then think about adding standing shoulder press into your exercise program.

Remember train with your body and it will give you results, train against it and it will do its best to stop you achieving them.

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