Harry’s super simple Program for successful long term fat loss!

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

All successful long term plans are sustainable. We must be able to consistently follow the plan of action we set with minimal effort so we can effortlessly follow it day in, day out.

We all know that if we consume less calories than we burn we should lose body-fat but simply trying to exercise often and restrict our calories does not guarantee this and you know this to be the case.

You see if you restrict calories and approach exercise in the wrong way, you will not feel satisfied by the energy you receive, you will feel tired and you will experience cravings for extra energy, most likely causing you to grab whatever is in sight usually in quantities far higher than needed.

Long term fat loss can be easy but you must follow a few simple rules.

You want to allow your body to naturally tell you how many calories to eat, nobody really wants to track what they eat, we just want to chill out and enjoy our food don’t we? When your body says to your brain I’m hungry, what’s it’s really saying is I want nutrients (these are amino acids or proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) if you give the body foods that are made up of these it will be happy and daily calorie intake should not exceed what is needed if you listen to your body and eat accordingly. So what foods include these nutrients, Real foods, the foods of the land, foods that have not been tampered with by humans. Meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and dairy. If you can’t understand the ingredients on a food package don’t expect your body too either. If you feed your body fake foods it will still want real foods and this will result in excess calories being consumed. So that’s stage one eat proper foods from the land not human factories. Do that and you should get get the right amount of calories in to maintain weight. Please note eating when stressed, not getting enough sleep or eating too fast could cause you to eat more.

But Harry I want to lose weight not maintain weight. Well if you follow point one at least 90% of the time you can follow the next two points and lose weight with ease.

Walk 30 minutes a day. It’s as simple as that, eat proper foods and walk. Walking should not cause greater stimulation in appetite making you eat more, it will not tire you out reducing your ability to carry on doing your usual daily activities that you would normally do that burn calories throughout the day. “NOTE This is the majority of the calories you will burn during the day, the hours you move throughout the day” Also more than likely walking daily will make you more energetic for the rest of the day due to the release of endorphins.

Now there is one more point. Following the above will allow Long term fat loss to be achieved, but you don’t want to end up looking like a stick man or woman do you. Once you lose the weight you (Men I’m guessing you want to look lean) and (women Im guessing you want to looked toned) basically the same thing, I’ve noticed these phrases come up again and again over the years girls and guys use these different words but mean the same thing. Basically they want to see lean muscles and have tight skin.

The above two steps will get you burning more energy than your getting in, this is essential for fat loss to occur. In order to see lean muscle you must also retain what muscle you’ve already got and also build a little bit more via weight training as this will slightly increase your metabolic rate and over time allow you to eat slightly more on a daily basis while still not exceeding needed calories.

So to retain or build muscle you must stimulate it with weight training and eat sufficient protein. To do this eat 1g of protein per lb of lean body mass.
“this is the weight left over after subtracting body-fat weight from total body weight, to work this our subtract your body fat percentage from your bodyweight. So if you weigh 100kg and have 30% body fat, you have 70% lean body weight. Times 70kg by 2.2 to find lean body mass in lbs and the amount of protein in grams you should consume daily, basically 154lbs and 154 grams of protein.”

So eat 1g of protein per lb of lean body mass and lift weights 2-3 times a week aiming to lift a little more total weight every session. By this i mean if last session you lifted 100kg for 10 reps and did 3 sets, this session do 11 reps or do 4 sets so your total weight lifted during your session is more.

Follow these Steps and you will never need to worry about body fat again. Please note this is not an extreme approach and is not intended to get extreme results. This is what I feel is the best approach for overweight individuals to easily follow day in day out for the rest of their life’s maintaining a healthy bodyweight that keeps them healthy and happy.