Are you constantly getting ill and slowly moving yourself closer every day to developing serious disease?

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

You only get one body. Are you looking after it or are you abusing it and thinking you’ll sort it out later? We live in a Great area of the world but often we mistakenly think we deserve things, when in reality we only deserve what we put the work in for. If you don’t look after your body, it wont look after you and by the time you realise this, it may be too late.

If you’re constantly stressing your body out whether physically or mentally due to working excessive hours, sacrificing much needed sleep and eating and drinking junk, You Will Have To Pay For It. This may to begin with, just mean you get a little fat but over years you may become seriously overweight and dramatically increase your chances of life threatening diseases. Are you ready to confront the next life early?

I would guess not, often people say why do you need a personal trainer? Well i’m here to say that if you’re consciously abusing your body and moving yourself towards a shorter life, hiring a personal trainer may be the best and most needed investment you ever make. Forget about that rolex, ferrari or bigger house with 3 unnecessary bedrooms, you cant take any of them to the next life with you and your kids wont love you any more. I purposely didn’t capitalise any of the above as they aren’t really that important when we compare them to your ACTUAL LIFE.

How much would you pay for 10 years more life, probably a lot, but yet you’re possibly paying right now for 10 years less life by abusing the greatest possession you could ever possess.

Following a sustainable exercise program, eating a well balanced nutritional diet and prioritising your sleep are the foundations of optimal health, don’t reduce your lifespan and your kid’s memories when it’s so easy to look after your body.

I hope this opens your eyes to what your really doing to your body and the true cost of your current lifestyle.