Is it time to get off the yo-yo dieting Roller Coaster?

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

You can achieve permanent change, the kind that will last you a lifetime if your ready to design your life around what you really want.

Its time to stop worrying about what your eating, how much you have to eat, when you need to eat? Imagine never ever having to think about eating again, imagine just eating freely, enjoying eating and maintaining a healthy weight.

Now please understand I am not talking about bodybuilder lean, that is not healthy long term, not unless you want to be in a bad mood all the time, suffering from low energy. I’m simply talking about a weight where you can simply be happy with your self, a body thats energetic, strong, fit and confidant.

The body adapts to its environment very well and so by constantly dieting, your body gets used to surviving on a lower calorie intake, this down regulates your metabolism reducing the amount of energy you burn on a daily basis. Although this is brilliant as a survival mechanism it is highly detrimental when looking at maintaing a healthy weight because as soon as you eat more and you know you will do you will store the extra energy as body fat. Diets don’t work for long, they are not sustainable, they are not enjoyable, there hard and they ruin your life.

So here is my best advise for you, now read carefully as this could change your life. STOP DIETING, NEVER DIET AGAIN.

Instead start going to the gym, progressively work towards training like an athlete and eat proper food whenever your hungry thats it.

Allow your body to adapt into the body you really want by creating the environment needed not the one society tries to lock you in.

Its time to THRIVE, Your not supposed to just simply survive. Train hard, eat proper food and live life without the additional worry of what to eat.

If your ready to train in the most effective ways and transform your body adapting the greatest version of yourself, get in touch.