What my clients have to say.

If you’re looking for a dedicated trainer with years of experience, no nonsense. Results within a few sessions. Excellent sessions. Highly recommended.


Started with Harry as my PT as i was very new to going to the gym and had little understanding of training and the quality ways of doing so. Currently half way through a 12 week programme with Harry and i can only say positive things about Harry, his gym and his techniques. Anyone looking for a fantastic and friendly PT that understands their clients needs should consider contacting him. The gym facilities are fantastic and you train in a 1-on-1 environment meaning you can maximise the time you spend with him. I’m very pleased with my current transformation and wouldn’t consider any other PT in Manchester. Thanks Harry.


I’ve been training with Harry for a while now and highly recommend him as a personal trainer. He works me hard every session and pays a lot of attention in making sure I use correct form to get the most out of every exercise. I’m constantly surprised at how even a short set of reps done in the correct way can have a noticeable effect on my muscles the next day. His nutrition and overall fitness advice is helping me create a much more healthy lifestyle.

Richard Silk – Business owner

Training with Harry was one of the best experiences of my life. The gym provides incredible facilities complimented by excellent advice and sessions that helped me turn my life around.

Josh Hothi

Undoubtedly the best personal trainer in manchester…gets the very best out of you by tailoring each session to your specific needs, makes sessions enjoyable and you really feel like you have got the best out of yourself..Can’t recommend Harry highly enough!

DR Michael Burke

Harry has allowed me to lose a lot of body fat quickly. I lost 12kg’s in my first 12 weeks by training 3 times a week and following Harry’s dietary advise.

Javed Fozdar – Business Owner

After having two children i’d struggled to get back in shape but with Harry’s help and encouragement i’ve exceeded my expectations about what i could achieve in terms of weight loss, toning and fitness. Harry makes sure you work hard and push yourself but he encourages you without being a shouty sergeant major type trainer. I wondered how i’d manage to fit personal training sessions into my busy routine with a job plus two young children but Harry put’s together targeted and focused sessions so i can achieve much more in a shorter amount of time.

Vic Marsland – Business Owner

Training with Harry has been an amazing journey. With Harry’s help not only have I been able to achieve the goals that I initially wanted, but I have been able to surpass them. The physical results have been great and I never thought I would be able to achieve them in the short space of time that I have. I have to say this is the healthiest and fittest I have ever been in my life. I have found Harry to be a determined and tenacious trainer who is completely focused on his client’s achieving their desired results and ensuring continuous progression. Harry’s approach to training is a complete lifestyle approach, with his help I now feel in complete control of my nutrition, my body and a I have a fantastic sense of wellbeing.

Kwan Chan

I have trained with Harry for three months now. When I had first started I had lacked motivation to be fit, but it had gotten to a stage where something had to be done. As a student I had gotten into some really bad habits and constantly looked for shortcuts that never worked. However Harry has taught me the best shortcut is training hard (not long), eating clean and sleeping well, and in general to keep things simple and have a positive mind-set throughout life. What Harry has given me is not a short term result, but a long term lifestyle. In three months I have lost 15 kg of body fat, gained some muscle and am in better shape than I had ever imagined I would be in such a short space of time. Because of Harry, I realized my true potential and believe in myself a lot more. I too am confident that I can reach my goal weight very soon in the coming few months. I am ever grateful to Harry for giving me the momentum and results to keep on going until I am as lean and ripped as he is! Can’t thank you enough Harry.

Shyam Kanani

*Results may vary. Best Results are achieved by combining diet and exercise as recommended by Harry Pointon*