Exclusive Access


Harry James Pointon, one of the UKs most in demand health and fitness experts can exclusively work with you for a 3 month period putting in place whatever needs to be, for truly outstanding change to occur, taking your health and fitness to a whole new dimension.

Unlimited access

Work with Harry exclusively. During this time you will have expert advice on hand and a dedicated trainer pushing you towards your dream goals.

A personal package

Whatever your short term fitness goals are. A personalised plan will be created and monitored throughout the period of engagement with the ability to adapt as your body undergoes a truly transformational change.

Professional fitness advice

You will receive the best advice on achieving your personal fitness goals by following the training methods Harry has found to be the most effective in achieving quick transformational results that last.

Additional advice on nutrition

As well as focused attention on training, Harry will also give you his recommendations on food and nutrition to ensure your diet is appropriate for the level of expected exercise. Diet is critical when undergoing transformative change and advice on this will form part of your exclusive package.