Achieve your body transformation with Harry James Pointon as your online personal trainer

After training a wide variety of people across the UK over the last 12 years, predominantly from my private gym in Manchester, I have acquired the knowledge needed to be able to offer you, the best advise and best help you achieve your health and fitness goals as your online personal trainer, wherever you are in the world.

The way my online personal training works is very similar to my in person personal training. The major difference is that I am not with you during your workout time. Online personal training is designed for individuals who don’t need to be pushed by me in their workouts, they just need to know what to do and when to do it.

As one of my online personal training clients I will give you workouts to do. I will make recommendations on how to eat, on any lifestyle changes I believe are beneficial and everything in between to ensure together we are successful and achieve your goals. As my online personal training client you will receive regular contact from me to ensure you are successful.

My monthly fee for online personal training is £250.

If you would like to hire me as your online personal trainer, please fill out my contact form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.