Why your mind-set is so important

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

What is it that makes us do the things we do? What is it that determines what we achieve and what we don’t? Mind-set is the answer to both of these questions. The way we think affects us in ways we don’t even realize.

We back out of doing the things we know we should be doing because we believe we cannot achieve them or we are influenced by someone else that tells us we cannot. I call this the little voice / big voice syndrome. We all have that little voice inside of us that tells us we shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t achieve, do or be that. In addition we also are highly influenced by the people that closely surround us. These are the energisers and the energy drainers. Choosing the right people to surround us can make massive changes to what we do and become.

The energy drainers are those that slag off your ideas, your confidence and your drive. These people are the brakes that are constantly being pressed, to stop you from reaching your desired destination. The energisers are the people that truly believe in you, tell you that you’re doing a great job, congratulate you on your good work and spur you on to continue moving forwards.

Finding excuses is something that as a species we are absolutely brilliant at. I can’t or could never do that, I’m not clever enough, I was never given the opportunity to do that, they had it easy.

Have a look at someone that has achieved what you wish you could or would have achieved. I’m sure if you researched them you would find that not only did they have too jump the obstacles you have to, did or should of but they have also had to do so much more in addition.

This is all down to mind-set. The people that reach their desired destination are the ones that decide that I am going to achieve that and nothing is going to stop me. They progress every day in some way or another to ensure they are always moving forward and ensure they don’t lose their momentum. They see anything that is going to stop them as a bump in the road, just something they have to find a way to navigate through. Seeing an obstacle as a challenge and ensuring they pass that challenge as easily and as quick as possible no matter what. This is how the successful work, they are not lucky, they are strong, they don’t allow weakness or excuses to overcome them and they do what they need to ensure they are always moving forwards.

So I say to you, what excuses are you making, who are you letting influence you into what you do and don’t and what are the brakes that are slowing you down. Work these out and not only will you be putting your foot on the gas but you will be getting an engine upgrade in as well.

So push forwards, use obstacles as challenges and don’t let anything or anyone to influence you into thinking you cannot achieve your dreams.

To your success and achieving your dreams

Harry Pointon
Health Coach