Harry, what’s your price per hour?

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

Your asking the wrong question my friend.

Your not looking to pay someone for the hour. Your looking to hire a personal trainer and make an investment with an individual you can trust, to help you drastically improve your health and fitness in the ways you desire. This is Your future that we are talking about.

The first question you should be asking your potential personal trainer is, “can you help me reach my goals safely and in far less time than myself” You would be surprised at how many personal trainers out there cannot do this.

The second question you should be asking is “can you ensure I’ll enjoy the process too? Most personal trainers don’t actually know how to listen to you, they just want to shout orders at you and tell you off for Not doing what they asked of you.

So if you want an insufficiently qualified trainer to help you who will probably make you feel like your back at school again, choose based on price.

Cheaper hourly fees may seem like an incentive but don’t fall into the trap of comparing apples and oranges, trainers are Not created equal. Choose the wrong trainer and you will be more likely to get you injured and most likely waste your time and your money. The only thing in life we can’t control is time, so gambling this is best not done.

So before you even think about asking me my price, come to my private gym first for an initial no obligation chat. Let me show you the environment I have created to allow sensational results to be achieved, let me show you my passion for helping people achieve their goals and let me blow you away with easy to apply knowledge and experience, I have accumulated over years and years.

Then you go away and compare me on price if you want, in the same way you would a top of the range Mercedes and a standard ford.