I’m talking to you

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

Your Career leaves very little time or energy for much else and being motivated for the gym doesn’t happen much does it? I’m sure you occasionally drag yourself down to the gym and do a half arsed workout following a standard routine you’ve followed for ages am I right? If what I’ve said so far resinates with you I’m sure your frustrated with the very small amount of progress you have seen in the gym if any and are probably ready for a different approach?

You can get in great shape in less than 3 hours a week, You can easily increase your energy levels by changing certain elements of your diet and you can work more effectively, getting more done in less time whilst also losing extra belly fat by focusing on your sleep?

Give me just 3 hours of your time a week, that includes the time needed to get changed and have a shower. During this time I will teach you how to exercise effectively, saving you huge amounts of time and wasted energy in the gym so you can get maximum results in minimum time. I will also guide you on how to implement easy lifestyle changes during our sessions that will have a profound effect on how you feel.

If your ready to try a different approach, If you want to get in prime condition and want to experience levels of energy, motivation and concentration like you have not experienced for a long time then I have the solution for for you.

Come down to my private gym for an initial chat and lets start designing a bespoke health and fitness plan around your lifestyle that will have tremendous benefits on your health, fitness and general well being.