How come she looks like that and i dont?

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

Health and fitness advice is something I get asked for on a daily basis as a personal fitness trainer. Something that comes up again and again, after whats the best exercise is how come my friend is losing weight doing this and I am not?

Why is it that some people are fat and some are skinny?

Why some can eat carbs till they come out of their ears and others can’t even look at them?

Why some train every day while getting no results and others don’t even need to train?

I have written this article to tell you why some people seem to stay sexy, lean, and trim while others can’t get rid of their fat no matter what they do.


Just because it worked for them does not mean it will work for you. As human beings we are all very different from our piers.

We differ from each other in terms of

Metabolic type, Organ efficiency and size, Hormone levels, Posture, Hydration levels, Rest and Recovery time needed, Mind set

To name a few, these need to be taken in to consideration when looking to shed fat.

You see we all have our own personal dream goal and we need to approach it in a way that is personal to ourselves.

When I take on a new personal training client, for one of my personal training programs in Manchester, I take everything into consideration that could stop the client getting the desired results to ensure it doesn’t.

You see some people react well to;

  • High protein, high fat, low carbs, while for others, this can be like poison
  • For some High carbs, low fat, low protein is good and again for others it is an awful combination.

There are 100’s of different combinations of this and in order to get the best results for you, you need to find your unique nutritional profile. I find this out for my Manchester personal training clients via a biochemical individuality assessment.

We don’t all have the same sized organs and therefore there is not a certain amount of protein etc that we can digest we are all different. This needs to be addressed to get the best possible results. Also efficiency of our organs, if they are not working the way they should be then again we are not going to absorb the nutrients we should be and we will have increased cravings.

Have you ever noticed that some of us store fat in certain areas more than others; this is due to hormonal imbalances. I find out what is causing these for my clients in Manchester and address the problem area. Yes spot reduction is possible and I do it with my clients. I just find out which hormones are imbalanced and rebalance them as easy as that.

So as you can see, we are all very different and our training / nutritional program needs to be very unique to us.

So stop thinking that it worked for them, it should work for me, most likely it won’t.

You need to find out what your body wants and do it.

This is what I do for my personal training clients in Manchester. I work out of the Hilton on Deansgate, Manchester. If you would like to come down and have a free chat to see what’s stopping you from achieving your dream results, contact me now to book in for a free consultation.