How bad do you want your health and fitness goals?

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

If your spending 3 or more hours a week at the gym, I’m guessing your very serious about achieving your gym goals, otherwise thats a lot of your finite time on this earth wasted. If your not fully focusing on your nutrition, your sleep and following a good training program that you can continually progress on, then I’m sorry to say your probably wasting your time, have you got enough time to waste?

At my gym we offer a free initial meet up for all potential clients. During this hour we look at where you currently are, what your currently doing, what you want to achieve and why your not achieving the results you want. We don’t sugar coat it, if your workout program sucks well tell you, if your eating too much crap well tell you, if your expectations of yourself are too high well bring you back down to earth and if there too low we will inspire you with new confidence.

There is no reason why you can’t get into great shape, giving up just 2-3 hours of your week to the gym, but you must know exactly why you are at the gym and what you’re there to do. You must also understand how to complement your training program with proper food and rest. If your ready to start achieving the results you really want in less than 3 hours a week at the gym and stop wasting your limited time, we would love to help you.

Get in contact for your free program design session and start achieving the results you really want.