Curb your sugar cravings and achieve faster weight loss

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

Sugar does not directly cause weight gain, but eating too many calories will. Sugary foods don’t usually contain very much good for us. When we get hungry our bodies are actually crying out for good nutrition (foods filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fats), when we don’t give our bodies good nutrition, instead opting for a sugary nutritionally depleted food we do not satisfy our hunger and this can cause overeating to occur, which if practiced regularly will illicit weight gain. Simply trying to out mindset your sugar cravings wont work I’m afraid, as willpower will only get weaker the longer you try to fight against your bodies signals.

So whats the answer, How can we reduce sugar cravings so your calories reduce in direct proportion?
The easiest way is to eat something else instead. Realise your body in Not deficient in sugar, but more than likely your diet is lacking in some needed good nutrition and therefore nutritionally you are maybe depleted of something that your body is crying out for. This could cause excessive cravings as your body is asking for something, but you keep giving it something else.

Take home Tips.

  • When you crave sugar eat something else instead. Realise that sugar probably wont full fill your hunger and will cause overeating, I’m not saying sugar is evil just that most of the time its not what your body is crying out for when it says its hungry.
  • Try eating more Vegetables (especially green ones).
  • Try eating more protein (eggs, unprocessed dairy, meats, poultry, fish, beans)
  • Don’t forget to eat your fats (butter, coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, avocado, olives)
  • Try also taking a multivitamin it may just supply an extra amount of something specific your missing out on.
  • Drink more water as you may actually be thirsty not hungry and choose green tea or black coffee instead of sugary versions.
  • If you really do feel you need something sweet, have an apple, a pear, some berries, cherries or a plum and see if that sorts it.
  • And If your craving chocolate specifically, try dark chocolate at least 85%