Beginners guide for a leaner, fitter, stronger, healthier body

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

Building the body of your dreams initially can be overwhelming. For most people to see a change in the way their body looks and feels that makes them truly happy it’s going to take between 6 months and 2 years. Realising that another go at a quick fix, probably isn’t going to do the job can save you a lot of time.

Before starting a body transformation journey that can last the test of time,
1) You need to know exactly where you are now, your starting point and where you want to eventually land, your goal achievement finish line.

2) You need a plan of action that is realistic for you to follow long term. (You can have the best program in the world, but if it doesn’t fit your unique way of living, it’s worthless.) Your program must be realistic about your lifestyle and you Must enjoy it.

3) You need to build an environment around you that will ensure you can do what needs to be done. This includes finding a place to workout that’s convenient and allows you to train at your best, it also includes having a meal plan or a shopping list that supplies all the vitamins and nutrients your body is shouting out for and getting rid of any foods that are not going to take you closer towards your goal. It also includes removing goal stoppers from your life, it could be removing people from your life that are moving you in the wrong direction with their bad habits and stopping you from being happy, it could be changing your journey so that you don’t go passed the coffee shop that you end up ingesting a quick 1000kcal at every day, it could be relocating your house or work so you have a far less time commuting to work, so you can get the sleep you need, so you have the energy to give your best to the tasks you want and need to get better at.

So let’s start by realising where you currently are.
Are you overweight, if so how overweight? Are you unfit, if so how unfit? What can you not do that you would like to be able to do? How long have you been overweight, unfit or skinny? What has been causing you to become this person, are you eating too much or nowhere enough, are you eating or drinking the wrong kinds of foods or drinks, are you doing very little activity. Basically what is your current status and what caused you to be in this position and whats keeping you in this position. By getting clear on where you are currently and why you can fully establish your starting point and set realistic expectations for the attainment of your ideal goal.

Next, let’s decide where you want to go.
Where do you want to end up, what goal would make you truly happy, maybe it would be to be in complete control of the food you eat, maybe it would be to run up 5 flights of stairs and feel fit and fantastically energetic afterwards, maybe it would be to feel confident on the beach in your swimsuit or to enter a weightlifting competition, a boxing match, a triathlon or a bodybuilding show. The more exciting your goal the better, the goal is what is going to give you the drive to do your best in every endeavour towards the attainment of your goal. Your goal could be purely vanity based, it could be performance-based, health-based both physical and mental, it could be just to simply make life easier, it doesn’t matter what it is, but what does matter is that its unique to you and that its something that you really want to achieve. After all your not going to give your best towards the actions needed to achieve a goal you really don’t care about that much.

Next, let’s start designing Your individual program.
What kinds of exercise do you enjoy, what physical activities do you want to be able to perform and feel good at, what kinds of foods do you definitely not want in your diet. There’s no point following an approach you hate, it won’t work. So really think on what you enjoy exercise wise and healthy food wise. A healthy food in my opinion is simply a food the body can recognise, a real food that has not been produced by man with artificial ingredients and processing. So decide what activities you would enjoy and want to get good at and write down a list of all the natural foods you enjoy and stick to those. The key to long-term success is consistency, by choosing a plan you can easily follow you will be consistent without even thinking about it.

And last, let’s remove your results blockers.
Who or what is the real cause when it comes to blocking your results? Is it your work, your friends, your colleges, your coffee shop obsession, weekend binge drinking sessions, buying the wrong food at the supermarket, not buying any food at the supermarket and resorting to takeaways, taking the car everywhere and never walking, not joining a gym or a sports club or you joined one but you hate it? By simply removing the things that are stopping you from achieving your goals and swopping them for a better habit you can make profound changes very quickly.

I hope you have enjoyed this short read, simply following the advice above can have a very positive long-term effect on you and your body, if you need any help with setting the above you can arrange a goal-setting session with me at my private personal training gym in Manchester City Centre.

To Your Success

Harry Pointon