Beginners chest workout by Harry Pointon

Written By Harry James Pointon on .

Here is a chest workout for gym beginners. Spend the time needed learning how to perform these exercises perfectly and you will see a massive change in the shape and size of your chest if you regularly perform these for at least a year.

Ensure you warm up with lighter weights first always.

Exercise one – The Press-up “the best chest exercise” – Perform 3 sets stopping 2 reps before failure on each set.

I have never met anyone who was strong on chest exercises like the bench press who had not being great and performing Press-ups in the past. To perform the press-up. Start by lying on the floor, Place your hands shoulder width and your feet hip width. Push your toes and hands into the floor and push up with your hands so your body moves up all as one. Then slowly lower your body back down to the floor and repeat. As a beginner practicing press-ups every other day is beneficial.

Exercise two – Dumbbell bench press – 4 SETS OF 12 REPS

I would advise all beginners to the gym to start with Dumbbells before barbell press’s. This is to strengthen the muscles that stabilise you. By focusing on increasing your stabilisation strength first you should reduce your chances of future injury.

To perform the Dumbbell chest press, Start with a pair of light Dumbbells lay back onto the bench and rest the top of the Dumbbell on your chest with your palms facing each other and the centre of the weight over your elbow. Always start from a dead start i.e. no momentum. This will ensure that you are lifting a weight your ready for. Now press the weight straight up so it ends up directly above both your shoulder and elbow ensuring your shoulder blades stay on the bench, at this point squeeze your chest, if your shoulder blades lift up you will not feel your chest and the pressure will be on your shoulder joints. Then return back down to the start to repeat.

Exercise Three – Dumbbell chest fly – 3 SETS OF 12REPS

Press’s mainly work on the thickness of the chest, Flyes can help give your chest a wider appearance.

When performing the fly you want to think about stretching the chest and contracting the chest.

Start the movement by getting into the top position of the Dumbbell chest press, from there lower the weights out to the side with a slight bend in the elbow. Think of pulling your elbows towards each other under the bench to give the chest a good stretch. Then pull the arms back up with the chest and biceps thinking of creating a similar movement to that of hugging a tree. Squeeze the chest at the top and then repeat for reps. Don’t feel the need to lift heavy on this, if you are stretching and contracting properly heavy weights are not needed.

Hope you enjoy this chest workout.